Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our National Shame

Well, now we have something worth blogging about: Obama and the Interrogation Files.

I will not be kind. Nor indeed should be any American.

In the 1940s, we fought a war with a dictator and his empire. That war did not end until the trials at N├╝rnberg were completed.

What have we learned? Apparently, nothing.

The important point is the claims given by Nazi defendants, and in particular, that these claims were not a defense against charges leveled: "we were only following orders."

The same was true of those Japanese nationals who were similarly prosecuted for war crimes.

Apparently, President Obama holds a different point of view: obeying the advice of legal counsel coming from the United States Department of Justice is a proper defense of action.

The United States of America cannot have it both ways.

Acceptance of this action of President Obama by the American people is unconscionable.

And, George Walker Bush is a war criminal.

This is my unequivocal opinion.

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