Saturday, May 10, 2008

Statement of Purpose

It is the purpose of Orange Curtain to provoke the mind.

One may be reminded that one ought not broach money, religion, or politics in polite company. Our concern shall certainly be upon the latter, politics, though with some occasion discussion may center upon the former two.

Of current concern is the behavior of government regarding those who it has harmed. In reviewing various online sources, it would seem the wisdom of Lincoln bears repeat (more on this later). Surely, words such as his are hard to follow, and yet we shall write to suit.

Jurisprudential Salt

American justice is a tyranny.

Consider the cases of Kevin Green (1980), Cindy Sommer (2007), or James Lee Woodard (1981), whose cases represent some of the finer examples of American jurisprudence; with trivial effort, we could list dozens of cases. The miscarriages of these cases is however not our concern; many more fine writers address this topic. Nor are we concerned with the injustices of the corresponding unjust incarcerations. Our concern is the immunity of those who bring about these injustices, the ethics of their act, and the imposition made upon the victim of injustice.

Apologies of the prosecutor, the police, and the judge are clearly worthless. As my father taught me, "If you were sorry, you wouldn't have done it in the first place," during those episodes of chastisement that did occur. Bonnie Dumanis is therefore quite clearly admitting that she is not sorry for having convicted and jailed Sommer, when she says, and this from her official public statement after release of Sommer, "In the high-profile prosecution of Cynthia Sommer for murder, the San Diego County District Attorney's Office made the right choices for the right reasons at every step in the process." This forceful, opening statement of Dumanis clearly declares the complete satisfaction of the San Diego County District Attorney with the prosecution and imprisonment of an innocent person. Not one word of regret.