Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Murder of Timothy Cole - Texas Admits Guilt

In San Diego County, California, the case of Cindy Somers is a well known example of an abuse of an innocent person. Fortunately for Cindy, she did escape with the remainder of her life. Such was not the case for Timothy Cole, a scapegoat to judicial imprudence, and the victim of a murder, committed by the State of Texas.

Readers may review details of the case at: and

What I want to point out is how self-serving are all the actors, save the family of the victim, Timothy Cole. From the CNN article above, it appears that only the family have been gracious.

The State of Texas - you murdered an innocent person, by depriving him of his freedom till the end of his days. It does not matter that you did not know any better. As is well understood in the halls of justice, ignorance is no excuse.

Michele Mallin, who is quoted as saying:

"I still feel guilty. I'll always feel guilty about it because, I mean, my testimony sent a man to prison and he ended up dying there," Mallin says. "Even though I know I did everything I could in my heart of hearts to do the right thing, still that happened. But I know the police are responsible and the D.A., too, because they knew things I didn't know."

Frankly, when I read these words, I hear the voice of one seeking absolution, not the voice of one who is truly remorseful. You know, Michele, it gets worse, much worse. All one need consider are these other words of yours:

"What you did to me, you had no right to do," she told him angrily, according to Austin's KXAN. "You've got no right to do that to any woman. I am the one with the power now, buddy."

Right, you have the power. And, your power cost a man his life. Timothy Cole didn't just "end up dying there." You put him there to die. This is no different than holding someone liable for the death of another, when that death is proximately caused by some act perpetrated by the person being held responsible. You, Michele, put Timothy in prison, an act for which you are responsible. Moreover, you are also responsible for his death.

You sound vindictive to me, when I listen to your courtroom testimony. You sound just as desperate to get out of your responsibility, as is the criminal who is on trial. This you should think about, very deeply. Indeed, never should you fall asleep at night without first thinking of how you helped to destroy the life of another person.

This is what you owe to Timothy Cole. Indeed, you owe him your life.

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